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SALE!!! Socket Bluetooth Scanner CHS7P

Product Code : CX2862-1298 Brand : SOCKET
Specification (PDF/DOC) : pdf Warranty : 1 year return to base
Price (Inc GST): $595 Buy Now (Inc. GST) : $435



Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner CHS7P

The Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner CHS7P brings industrial-class barcode scanning into a portable, pocket-sized form factor. It is designed for Mobility with following features:
• Small, light, portable
• Wireless with long-range Bluetooth connection
• Excellent ergonomics ensure comfortable use over extended periods
• Dependable performance with long battery life
• Easy integration with applications on diverse mobile computing platforms
• Efficiently scans thousands of barcodes per day, even on reflective surfaces
• Best option for scanning VIN indoors and outdoors - even through windshield
• High-performance Class 2 laser can read small or poorly printed barcodes

  For additional charging cradle please visit: http://www.technosource.com.au/pd/socket-charging-cradle