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Wasp WWS550i Freedom Cordless Barcode Scanner

Product Code : W-633808920623 Brand : WASP
Specification (PDF/DOC) : pdf Warranty : 1 year return to base
Price (Inc GST): $660 Buy Now (Inc. GST) : $600



WWS550i Freedom Cordless Barcode Scanner

The Wasp WWS550i cordless barcode scanner delivers unmatched freedom, flexibility, and functionality in a value-packed, lightweight design.  Eliminating the clutter and tangle of cords, the WWS550i rapidly scans barcodes in retail, light industrial manufacturing, warehouse and distribution centers, offices, mail rooms, or mobile service environments.  The CCD LR scan engine scans all popular linear (1D) barcodes with a scan range up to 12” away from the barcode.

The WWS550i’s wireless functionality makes it easy to capture data instantly on your smartphone or tablet device. Simply sync the WWS550i to a PC, Android™, or iOS®device, including an iPhone® , iPod® , and iPad® , and you’re ready to scan 1D barcodes without the hassle of a cord. Wireless connectivity allows for up to 30’ line of sight from an Android or iOS device and up to 160’ line of sight from a PC. Seamlessly integrate the WWS550i with your application and accurately track inventory, manage assets, and simplify POS transactions on-the-go.

Use the built-in, rechargeable battery to scan over 3,960 continuous scans on a single charge. The WWS550i cordless barcode scanner includes an out of range indicator and a low battery warning that automatically alerts you when your device is operating in less than optimal conditions.

Wireless functionality eliminates cumbersome cords, creating a more efficient working environment. Whether you use the WWS550i as a cordless inventory scanner, as a retail wireless barcode reader, or for any barcode scanning needs, the WWS550i cordless barcode scanner will improve the speed of your operations.

Common Uses :

- Rapid and convenient check out at retail stores
- Scan where inventory is located for shipping & receiving
- Input barcodes on invoices, shipping documents, accounting documents, or legal documents
- into Microsoft Excel® or other business applications
- Ensure compliance in pharmacy & healthcare applications
- Scan ISBN barcodes on library books

Items Included :

- WWS550i Freedom Cordless Barcode Scanner
- Integrated Li-ion battery
- AC power adapter
- USB wireless adapter & driver CD (used for PC)
- Scanner programming guide
- 2-year warranty
- Free, unlimited tech support for life of product

Benefits :

- Improve accuracy and efficiency compared to manual data entry processes
- Increase productivity by providing the freedom to scan barcodes without a cable
- Lightweight, ergonomic design enables extended use 
- Eliminate the clutter of cords required to communicate with a mobile device or PC
- Easily integrate with Android™ and iOS® devices
- Optional hands-free stand for autosense scanning

Features :

- Read 1D barcodes up to 12” away
- Capture 230 scans/second with the Linear CCD LR scan engine
- Lightweight, durable design withstands multiple 5’ drops to concrete
- Integrated, rechargeable Li-ion battery provides over 3,960 continuous scans on a single charge
- Low battery charge warning alerts when scanner is running on less than optimal power
- Wireless connectivity allows for up to 30’ line of sight from a mobile device
- Transfer data wirelessly up to 160’ line of site from a PC
- Out of range alert when scanner is no long able to communicate
- Compatible with Android and iOS devices, including iPhone®, iPod®, or iPad®
- Comfortable design minimizes fatigue in repetitive scanning applications
- Includes USB wireless adapter
- Autosense mode allows for hands-free scanning (stand optional)