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  • iVend Retail Management Suite

    warehouseiVend Retail is amongst the first few Enterprise-class Retail Applications to be ALSO available on the Cloud.

    iVend Retail is an end-to-end, Cloud-based Retail Management Suite. It integrates all retail operations, from Head Office functions, In-store operations and Back-Office, Loyalty, Passes and Analytics into one infrastructure-thin package, ensuring agility and profitability for the Retailer.   [ Know More ]

  • Warehouse Wireless Inventory Control

    warehouseAll business owners know the importance of maintaining accurate stock levels throughout the organisation. Not only does it simplify work processes and improve business efficiency, it also saves you a lot of money. According to a study by Corporate Detroit, 20% inventory reduction is possible with automated inventory control solutions. Warehouse wireless Inventory Control Software not only allows you to manage your inventory away from your office, it also updates transaction records and lets you perform transactions on the go. It gives you real time visibility of stock levels and locations, and increases your business productivity with the help of barcode technology.   [ Know More ]

  • Asset Tracking

    assettrackingIrrespective of a company's size and economics, keeping track of its assets is of vital concern for any business owner, whether that be IT assets (laptops, servers, etc), company property, medical devices, tools, equipment, vehicles or important files. Asset tracking not only reduces the cost of manual tracking, it also automates the entire process and provides 100% accurate, up to the minute, on demand information about assets from any part of the world, at any time. Citing the various advantages associated with asset tracking, more and more companies are now vying for these applications.   [ Know More ]

  • Retail Point of Sale

    retail-point-of-sale Retail Point of Sale is an easy to use software that simplifies your retail operations by giving you absolute control over your sales and customer checkout process. It works like an improved and computerised cash register. All you need is a PC to professionalise your retail workflow and maximise your Return on Investment. With POS Software, you can track your customer purchase history , stock information and sales reports.

    It allows you to standardise your operational processes, analysing sales patterns and improving the operational practices for an effective output. Not only does it provide accurate recording of inventory transactions, it also helps in store audit operations like partial or full stock-take.   [ Know More ]

  • Hospitality Point of Sale

    The hospitality business is not all about great food and ambience, what really matters is the customer service and how you manage your staff and operations for optimum business profits. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant or takeaway, you need an efficient table management system that lets you manage seat layout, availability and orders with utmost ease.   [ Know More. ]

  • Time and Attendance

    time-and-attendanceAccording to a study by the American Payroll Association, companies that use sophisticated time and attendance systems save on payroll expense by 4% and manage their employees' efficiency better.

    Managing time and attendance manually is not only a complex process, it induces time theft and errors associated with manual time keeping process.

    Regardless of the size of the organisation, every company needs an automated employee tracking system that can increase its efficiency and growth by tracking employee performance regularly.   [ Know More ]