Time and Attendance System

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According to a study by the American Payroll Association, companies that use sophisticated time and attendance systems save on payroll expense by 4% and manage their employees' efficiency better.

Managing time and attendance manually is not only a complex process, it induces time theft and errors associated with manual time keeping process.

Regardless of the size of the organisation, every company needs an automated employee tracking system that can increase its efficiency and growth by tracking employee performance regularly.

How the Time and Attendance System Works

The Time and Attendance System is user friendly software that captures all aspects of employee time management, including overtime punching in and out activity, late entries, leave management, absence from the work place, holidays and much more. It safeguards the organization from time management errors and allows managers to monitor employee's attendance. The software helps the HR department analyse and report on employee time management and allows access to time records . If software application is web based then data could be accessed from anywhere via the internet. The software comes in various variants, whereas employee tracking can be performed with barcode cards, RFID cards or Biometeric finger print clock.


Each time an employee enters the office, takes a lunch break or departs, time is recorded in the clock and later downloaded to the database. It provides accurate reconciliation of time clock software data and helps track employee absence that may affect the organisation's productivity. These stats can be seen by the management from anywhere, using the software's easy to use graphical interface. The software can be easily installed on a PC and integrated with different hardware for smooth functioning. Time records can also be exported to Excel format or linked to many other HR, payroll or accounting software.

Benefits of the Time and Attendance System
  • Increases efficiency and reduces time and effort in manually recording employee workforce hours.
  • Automatically captures employee time (arrival, departure, lunch, etc) and provides stats on employee working hours in the form of reports.
  • Graphical representation of events, schedules and time calculations.
  • Monitors employee absence and decreases misuse in the form of buddy punching.
  • Allows access to employee records from anywhere at any time, leading to greater flexibility.
  • Introduces a self enforcing compliance initiative for employees.
  • Supports weekly, bi-weekly, monthly payroll and captures sick days, vacations and overtime data.
  • Comes with multiple professional reports that help detects various types of issues, from wages and timecards to payroll, absence and much more.
  • Allows the creation of custom reports.