Warehouse Wireless Inventory Control

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Improve Your Business Efficiency with Warehouse Wireless Inventory Control Solutions
  • Is your business wasting precious time and manpower by manually tracking inventory in accounting systems?
  • Do you know what exactly you have in your stock at any point of time?

All business owners know the importance of maintaining accurate stock levels throughout the organisation. Not only does it simplify work processes and improve business efficiency, it also saves you a lot of money. According to a study by Corporate Detroit, 20% inventory reduction is possible with automated inventory control solutions. Warehouse wireless Inventory Control Software not only allows you to manage your inventory away from your office, it also updates transaction records and lets you perform transactions on the go. It gives you real time visibility of stock levels and locations, and increases your business productivity with the help of barcode technology.

Most advanced software application these days allow you to scan pick customer orders and due to this, product dispatch is accurate, thus 100% customer satisfaction.

You can also track customer orders in case there is any item left to be dispatched or need to be ordered the supplier.

Assembly and kitting feature helps manufacturing companies and factories to keep track of their raw material as well as finished goods.

Warehouse Wireless Inventory Control Solutions use barcode technology for inventory tracking, which eliminates the need of manually recording item details and prevents human error in both shipping and data entry. This is particularly useful when there are a lot of serial numbers to track. The inventory control system verifies that the right information is recorded, and posts the transactions in real time.

Business owners are provided with portable handheld computer devices that are integrated with barcode readers. With these devices, they can scan inventory location barcodes, and manage minimum and maximum levels defined for each inventory item. The device works in tandem with the software installed on the PC, simplifying operations and helping you create a standard set of practices for each inventory transaction.


With the use of a Mobile PDA scanner you can do stock audits on the go.

Create new item, receive and dispatch stock.

Data can be instantly updated from the main database by use of wireless network.

Benefits of the Warehouse Inventory Control System
  • It reduces costly inventory errors, and increases productivity and efficiency.
  • It enhances customer service and satisfaction.
  • It is capable of tracking serial numbers and expiry dates, batch number or pallet ID.
  • It alerts for over and under stock levels
  • You can view critical count levels and quickly perform audits.