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Inventory Control RF Enterprise with DT90 & WPL305 (Unlimited user)

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Take advantage of Unlimited user access! Combine it with the DT90 and WPL305's amazing processing of information, costly issues like EOY product write offs are in the past

$10,387 ex. GST
  • Cost Effective and Integrated Solutions
  • Ready to Use, right out of the box software
  • Implementation, Training and Support
  • Hundreds of Installs Australia wide

For the success of your company, barcode inventory system should be your top-most priority. Barcode inventory system essentially means having a deep insight into one’s stock. There are various ways to take control of your inventory. Inventory tracking software is a paramount solution for the same.

Wasp Inventory Control RF Enterprise with DT90 & WPL305 with unlimited user access is a comprehensive inventory tracking solution to optimize your business and increase profits.

DT90 Mobile Computer

38-key functional keypad and the promise of durability makes DT90 mobile computer an ideal tool for operators. It has the finest ergonomics with a comfortable pistol grip to enhance efficiency and reliability. DT90 is the foremost appreciated solution for applications in retail, warehouse, and logistics environments.

WPL305 Barcode Printer

Made to print 4x6 shipping labels, WPL305 provides dual service in one printer - direct thermal and thermal transfer printing. With a lightning speed, compact design, multiple connectivity options and a high resolution, the WPL305 is used to print barcode labels including shipping labels, stock labels, asset tags, medical labels, and location labels.

Wasp Inventory Control RF Enterprise with DT90 & WPL305 gives access to unlimited users. The features include –

  1. Get real-time updates of your inventory. Edit, update and remove inventory on-the-go.
  2. Inventory Optimization is fully attainable. Practice complete automation with your inventory management system. Predict the order quantity, lead time or stock cover using Wasp Inventory Control.
  3. Receive email notifications when items are understocked and orders are due. This ensures increased productivity and no time delays.
  4. With the help of WPL305, print your barcode labels under your roof for quick delivery.
  5. We offer 30-day free trial with full access on software only, so you can purchase with confidence.

You should choose the Wasp Inventory Control RF Enterprise with DT90 & WPL305 if you need to give access to unlimited users to maintain the inventory as well as make informed decisions.

Call for a free demo today! Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity. 

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