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Wasp Inventory Control V7 Mobile License


Buying a new mobile device and need it to work with your Inventory control system? Complement your solution with an additional mobile licence!

$248 ex. GST
  • Cost Effective and Integrated Solutions
  • Ready to Use, right out of the box software
  • Implementation, Training and Support
  • Hundreds of Installs Australia wide

As and when you grow your business, your inventory will grow larger. Advanced inventory tracking software comes in handy when you need to add more products to your store or you want to add a sales channel.

Moreover, when you are up-to-date about the inventory present in your warehouse, you make better-informed decisions. Inventory tracking software empowers you to get the data in real-time, run cost comparisons as well as speedily deliver the product for customer’s satisfaction.

Wasp Inventory Control V7 Mobile License helps you fulfill every order on-time. Optimally utilize the 60+ comprehensive reports to take decisions that help the growth of your company.

With a portable device, adding, updating and removing inventory becomes quick and comfortable. Moreover, you can track the product using 4 different variations if you are using Wasp Inventory Control. 

Let the Wasp Inventory Control be your personal assistant for inventory updates!

With the Standard package of Inventory Control, the inventory gets updated in batches and ONLY when the PC is connected via a cable. On the other hand, Enterprise and Professional Inventory Control software permit real-time update on-the-go.

Get the chance to manage Inventory remotely with Wasp Inventory Control V7 Mobile License. Capture the barcode easily with the barcode scanner.

Costly data errors are another big problem. You can never fully rely on operators. Inventory errors can cause high losses which may lead to shut down of the company. Automatically update the records to your PC with Wasp Inventory Control.

We offer 30-day free trial with full access, so you can purchase with confidence.

Call for a free demo today! Make sure you don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. 

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