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Web Module for MobileAsset Professional (v7)

Allow world wide browser access of your in-home MobileAsset's asset list. This is especially beneficial if you are always on the go and have access to the internet!
$1,650 ex. GST
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Web Module for MobileAsset Professional (V7)

Manage valuable assets from any PC or laptop without time-consuming software installation with The Web Module for MobileAsset Professional. Tasks such as asset creation, check-in and out, and disposals can be handled effectively using this software. The Web Module for MobileAsset Professional allows you rapidly access asset data in lists and report from anywhere.

The Web Module for Wasp MobileAsset makes it easy to create an asset reservation, view asset availability and approve reservation request. The reservation request comes exclusively in the MobileAsset Web Module.

Features of Web Module for MobileAsset Professional

The Web Module for MobileAsset Professional provides you the opportunity to create new assets, locations, manufacturers and many more. The ability to check assets in and out is also an amazing feature. Even with the feature to check assets, the Web Module for MobileAsset can also transfer a checked out asset. This reduces the stress of the user and also saves time that could have been wasted in software installation. 

It is also capable of moving, disposing or reserving an asset. Web Module for MobileAsset Professional is really amazing! It records asset maintenance as this keeps the user in check of the maintenance schedule and pins asset fields to speed asset creation.

Users can view reports on asset maintenance, asset depreciation, check-out history and also attach pictures, warranties, and other important documentation to the asset records with this remarkable Web Module. You can benefit so much than expected as users can rapidly locate items using the Quick Search feature. It also automatically log-out idle users to prevent intrusion from other parties.  

Access list to the Web Module for MobileAsset includes assets, asset types, contracts or license, customers, depreciation classes, location and sites.

This Web Module is the ideal asset management solution for healthcare and medical providers, educational institutions, small to mid-sized companies, government agencies, Non-profit Organisations, legal and accounting firms. 

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