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Wasp Inventory Control V7 Standard Software Only

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Wasp Inventory Control V7 Standard Software enables you to have full control over your inventory. It gives small business the ability to accurately track inventory without all the fuss and complexity of an enterprise level solution.

$1,395 ex. GST
  • Cost Effective and Integrated Solutions
  • Ready to Use, right out of the box software
  • Implementation, Training and Support
  • Hundreds of Installs Australia wide

Are you still managing your inventory on spreadsheets? Frustrated with the complexity and hassles revolving around inventory management in large business solutions?

Wasp Inventory Control has the perfect Data Management Solution for you!

If you are a small company or just starting up with your company, Wasp Inventory Control V7 standard software is the ideal package for you.

This stock control software has several benefits –

  1. You can reduce high costs paid for manual work.
  2. Eliminate delayed deliveries with Wasp Inventory Control V7 Standard software. With the software, you always know how much stock is available and if you should order more stock to avoid late deliveries.
  3. Using our user-friendly software, you can easily locate your products. Stop worrying about your items getting lost.
  4. Highly secured Inventory tracking software. We provide more than 15 security settings to make sure access is given only to the authorized person.
  5. We offer 30-day free trial with full access, so you can purchase with confidence.  

How does the Wasp Inventory Control v7 Standard Software work?

It’s pretty simple. The main screen of the software is self-explanatory.

You need to choose one section among the many options available. For example, when you want to check if the package has left from the warehouse, you can easily do so by choosing the “Receive/Pick” section from the 5 available options – administration, inventory, reports, mobility and receive/pick.

To enter product details:
You can do so manually or by choosing from the range of templates available. When you need to add inventory to stock, simply do so by adding the product’s details or scan the barcode of the item.

To track your product:
You can use 4 customizable fields including Serial number, Lot, Expiration Date, and Pallet.

Better customization:
You can also set up a preferred location for a specific item. Moreover, you can enter the maximum and minimum stock available per product to ensure you are always aware of the inventory.

Meant for seamless operation of small businesses, Wasp Inventory Control V7 Standard software helps you reduce expenses and achieve higher profits.

Call for a free demo today! Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity.


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