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Wasp Inventory Control V7 RF Professional Software Only


Inventory Control V7 RF Professional 5-PC & 1-Mobile License Inventory Control is your complete tracking solution that will increase value to your business by improving efficiency and profitability. Remove common inventory management issues by minimizing costly EOY product write-offs, having accurate stock counts available year-round and by saving the wasted time you currently spend looking for lost or misplaced inventory.

$4,447 ex. GST
  • Cost Effective and Integrated Solutions
  • Ready to Use, right out of the box software
  • Implementation, Training and Support
  • Hundreds of Installs Australia wide

Inventory Management Software is a necessity to build a strong business foundation. It gives you an opportunity to plan ahead of time and be ready for sales spikes or drops.

Moreover, with systematized and structured inventory allows you to pull up important information whenever needed.

Monitor your inventory during the whole process - from the warehouse to the time it’s shipped. Enhance your effectiveness and meet your client’s expectation with Wasp Inventory Control V7 RF Professional Software.

A consistent end-to-end inventory management software is the answer to delivering products on-time. The freedom to use it on a mobile device escalates the efficiency of the system.

Wasp Inventory Control V7 RF Professional Software has abundant features -

  1. It appraises the inventory in real-time giving email notifications to update if the items are understocked. It also notifies if the orders are due.
  2. Predict the inventory using advanced analytics features.
  3. Avoid delays by creating drop ship orders. This allows the product to be shipped directly to your customer’s door from the supplier.
  4. We also provide QuickBooks Connector Module integration. Thus, you can assimilate your inventory directly into your accounting system to avoid errors. (This is sold separately and is an optional feature)
  5. We offer 30-day free trial with full access on software only, so you can purchase with confidence. 

Choose to work on Wasp Inventory Control V7 RF Professional Software if you have rapidly changing inventory and require real-time updates of your catalog. It allows access to 5 personal computers and 1 mobile device.

The mobility feature allows you to quickly add inventory while moving and checking the shipment received. It also automatically updates the inventory over the server.

Ensure accuracy of financial reports, access the system from 5 computers and a mobile device for quick updates and decision taking with Wasp Inventory Control V7 RF Professional Software.

Call for a free demo today! Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity. 

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