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Wasp Mobile Asset v7 Pro - Discontinued

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Find any asset and stop searching for any missing items with Mobile Asset! Get the most out of your equipments useful life by tracking its use. Through alerts you can always be on top of who has what asset and by when it should be returned

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Wasp Mobile Asset V7 Pro 

Are you tired of wasting time looking for your IT assets or even going to the extent of replacing a misplaced one? The asset tracking solution is right here. The Wasp Mobile Asset V7 Pro easily track valuable organizational and IT assets such as computer, furniture, medical equipment, tools and vehicles. As surprising as it seems, this is done by capturing important information about each asset, including location, funding, check-in and check-out status with due-dates, maintenance schedule and transactional history.

Wasp Mobile Asset V7 Pro gives you easy access to management reports and data you need at your fingertips. This also comes with extending the useful life of your assets by implementing a maintenance schedule. It is the ideal asset tracking solution for healthcare and medical providers, government agencies, educational institutions, Non-Profit Organisations, small to mid-sized companies, legal and accounting firms.  

Features of Wasp Mobile Asset V7 Pro

The Wasp Mobile Asset V7 Pro comes with amazing features that will be beneficial to its consumers. 5 PC users are allowed to access Mobile Asset V7 Pro because it comes with 5 PC client Licenses. It has fast networking abilities and is capable of synchronizing mobile device data anywhere with a network or cellular connection.

The Wasp Mobile Asset V7 Pro becomes more amazing as it comes with the feature of receiving email alerts of post-due maintenance, overdue checked-out items, and expired contracts. This can serve as a maintenance schedule and planner for its users. By creating unlimited custom fields to ensure a perfect fit for your environment, it eliminates unnecessary expenditures for additional software licenses. 

It doesn’t stop there. The Wasp Mobile Asset V7 Pro tracks the funding source used to purchase assets, and tracks book value of assets by department, location and site. It is important to include that it manages and tracks software licenses and company contracts, not ignoring its ability to link assets. The Wasp Mobile Asset V7 Pro comes with the feature of additional depreciation methods and additional management reports. What more can you ask for!   

Its Package List includes Wasp Mobile Asset V7 Pro software, integrated Wasp Labeler barcode labeling software, and 5 PC client licenses.

Other Information

The Wasp Mobile Asset V7 Pro has the Mobile Asset App that provides a business, the flexibility to manage valuable assets from existing iOS or Android devices. By downloading the app from Google Play or App Store, users can complete tasks such as asset creation, check-in and out, disposal and audit. By synchronizing your mobile device data anywhere with a network or cellular connection, you can update your Mobile Asset database whenever you are away from the PC.

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