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Wasp Mobile Asset v7 Enterprise - Discontinued

This product is no longer available, please click here to view similar products

This stand-alone software is what your business needs to track asset usefulness. Includes all the features of Mobile Asset, it can be loaded on as many PC's as you want and goes hand-in-hand with many Windows-Based device!

$7,595 ex. GST
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Wasp Mobile Asset V7 Enterprise

Wasteful spending on IT assets and devices is finally over! With the Wasp MobileAsset V7 Enterprise, you can easily track your valuable organisational IT assets such as computers, furniture, medical equipment, tools, and vehicles. The business aspect of life has been made easy as time and resources can be managed properly instead of replacing missing assets.

This software takes care of important information about each asset, including location, funding, check-in and check-out status with due-dates, transactional history and maintenance schedule.

Wasp Mobile Asset V7 Enterprise comes with an easy-to-use interface with the ability to design the program’s dashboard to display important notifications, charts and graphs or abbreviated lists. You can manage assets and easily audit your organization’s assets on your PC or mobile devices.

What makes up MobileAsset V7 Enterprise Package?

The MoblieAsset V7 Enterprise set consists of Wasp MobileAsset V7 Enterprise software, integrated Wasp Labeler barcode labeling software.

Feature of Wasp MobileAsset V7 Enterprise

Wasp MobileAsset V7 Enterprise is accompanied with some great features that will suit every type of user. With its unlimited number of PC user license, this software can manage assets for multiple companies (Multi-Tenant), track funding source, enhance users interface and customisable dashboard, capture signatures on mobile devices, audit asset on the PC or mobile device, receive email notifications of scheduled maintenances and past- due items, and attach any type of file to an asset.

It also has the ability to include Microsoft SQL Express database, kit/link multiple assets to one parent asset and can install on a full version of Microsoft SQL Server. The Wasp MobileAsset V7 Enterprise can handle up to 61 powerful management reports and 5 depreciation methods. All these show the uniqueness of MobileAsset V7 Enterprise from Wasp.

Other Information

Wasp MobileAsset V7 Enterprise has the MobileAsset App that provides the opportunity to manage valuable assets from existing iOS or Android devices. By downloading the app from Google Play or App Store, users can complete tasks such as record asset maintenance, capturing signatures during asset check-in and check-out, pin asset field to speed transactions and audit. By coordinating your mobile device data anywhere with a network or cellular connection, you can update your Mobile Asset database whenever you are away from the PC.

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