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Wasp MobileAsset Enterprise with HC1 (Unlimited-user)


One great package to track your businesses asset usefulness. All features of Mobile Asset unlocked, with the support of the powerful HC1 device means efficient tracking your asset life

$9,562 ex. GST
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Wasp MobileAsset Enterprise with HC1 (Unlimited user)

The era of spending money on missing IT assets is finally over. With the help of Wasp MobileAsset Enterprise with HC1, tracking valuable IT assets, including computers, furniture, medical equipment, tools and vehicles has been made easy.

With this asset management software and hardware, managing your assets and equipment is simple and efficient. You don’t have an excuse not to supervise your assets because Wasp MobileAsset Enterprise with HC1 captures all information about each asset including location, funding, check-in and check-out status with due dates, maintenance schedule and transactional history. This software and hardware from Wasp provides everything to preserve the life span of your assets.

Although the Wasp MobileAsset Enterprise license can be installed in your existing iPhone, iPad or Android device, its Package list is made up of a Wasp MobileAsset Enterprise software, integrated Wasp Labeler barcode labeling software, Wasp HC1 or DT60 mobile computer with integrated barcode scanner, USB communication cable, Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, power supply.

How does Wasp MobileAsset Enterprise with HC1 work?

Installing Wasp MobileAsset Enterprise software on a PC and using the mobile license on the HC1 mobile computer gives you the flexibility to scan and track assets away from your PC, allowing you to update assets records and perform transactions steadily.  Updates and changes can be made with no obstructions in the field that are instantly shown in the main database, giving you real time visibility of assets locations, maintenance records and other important notifications you need to know. With the support from Wasp, Mobile HC1 works with everything together right from the start.

Feature of Wasp MobileAsset Enterprise with HC1

The highly effective MobileAsset Enterprise with HC1 comes with fantastic features that will be very useful to its users. The HC1 mobile computer is built in such a way that it is able to withstand multiple 5 feet drops to concrete. This on its own explains how durable the hardware is.

The compatible HC1 with The Wasp MobileAsset Enterprise is capable of accurately reading barcodes with integrated 1D or 2D scanner and wireless connectivity that allows for easy access to information anywhere at any time.

With its ability to allow access to unlimited users, the integration of the software and the hardware from Wasp is capable of managing reports, updating records over your Wi-Fi network, receiving email notifications of scheduled maintenance, dynamic custom fields, activating directory integration, managing assets from multiple companies (Multi-Tenant), and the ability to install on a full version of Microsoft SQL Server.

This ultimate duo can manage, track, maintain, schedule and explore the usefulness of your IT assets wherever you go. 

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