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Inventory Control Standard with DT60 1D (1-user)

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This is the package to track your businesses stock efficiently. Backed up with the DT60 designperfect for stock taking, costly issues like EOY product write offs aren't an issue

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Warehouse inventory management software should include features that help in finding a product quickly. Moreover, it is important to track the products efficiently so that they are not lost while shifting. This can be done efficiently if one has a mobile scanning device. These mini devices easily collect thus, simplifying the work.

For a company that’s just beginning its journey or a small start-up, Wasp Inventory Control V7 standard software with DT60 1D is the perfect package of warehouse inventory management software as it gives access to only a single user.

DT60 is a mobile computer which works as a scanner to streamline the process of inventory tracking. This robust, pocket-sized mini-computer offers high-speed computing and durability to match the pace of your company’s growth.

Locate your inventory using location, serial number, lot or any combination of various filters to track by. This helps to quickly locate the products and doesn’t create delays in shipment thus, helping you make a customer happy.

Wasp Inventory Control V7 standard software with DT60 1D has numerous benefits –

  1. Eliminate delayed deliveries. Always be updated about the stock present and get detailed information about a product within seconds as opposed to spreadsheets.
  2. Using our user-friendly software, you can easily locate your products and forget about your items getting lost.
  3. The DT60 mobile computer is an on-the-go scanner with high speed for quick inventory upload.
  4. We provide more than 15 security settings to make sure access is given only to the authorized person.
  5. We offer 30-day free trial with full access on software only, so you can purchase with confidence.

Meant for the smooth functioning of small businesses, Wasp Inventory Control V7 standard software with DT60 1D helps you achieve higher profits for the growth and expansion of your company.

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