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Inventory Control RF Pro with DT60 1D (5-user)

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This is the package needed to track your businesses stock quickly. Backed up with the DT60's amazing processing of barcodes, your system is always timely updated

$5,767 ex. GST
  • Cost Effective and Integrated Solutions
  • Ready to Use, right out of the box software
  • Implementation, Training and Support
  • Hundreds of Installs Australia wide

With a powerful stock control system, you will increase the efficiency of various departments in your company. Moreover, it ensures you get real-time data which warrants you always achieve your delivery dates!

It’s time you find a quick, easy and user-friendly inventory supervising system to achieve better data management. Access full control over your inventory with Wasp Inventory Control RF Pro with DT60 1D Software.

Use this advanced system when you need a software that does more than tracking the inventory. In true sense, Wasp Inventory Control RF Pro with DT60 1D Software is used to manage the inventory of the system.

This stock control system has numerous features -

  1. Don’t let the delays kill your business. The software instantly updates the inventory in real-time.
  2. Make use of analytics and forecast the inventory based on pending pick and purchase orders.
  3. Receive email notifications when items are understocked and orders are due. This ensures increased productivity and no time delays.
  4. We offer 30-day free trial with full access on software only, so you can purchase with confidence.

Who should choose Wasp Inventory Control RF Pro with DT60 1D Software?

Choose this software as your primary stock control system if the following conditions are true for your business:

  1. You need to be regularly updated with the present inventory.
  2. The inventory is constantly updated with the raw materials.
  3. If you need more than 1 computer to access the data

Inventory Control RF Pro with DT60 1D Software allows access to 5 personal computers and 1 mobile device. Moreover, the inventory is automatically updated when a shipment is received, with fewer hassles.

Order our Wasp Inventory Control RF Pro with DT60 1D Software for better management of inventory and increased efficiency among workers.

Call for a free demo today! Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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