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Wasp MobileAsset v7 Professional with HC1 and WPL305 (5-user)

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A complete package to track your businesses asset profile! Includes all the features of Mobile Asset, with the support of label printing and PDA, you can track asset's life from anywhere!

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Wasp MobileAsset V7 Professional with HC1 and WPL305 (5-User)

To overcome the issues that come with arranging and organizing your valuable IT assets, you need the complete package. The Wasp MobileAsset V7 Professional with HC1 and WPL305 offers the complete package to track and organize your business asset. With the support of HC1 and WPL305 powerful hardware pack, The WaspAsset V7 Professional can track asset’s life from anywhere. By installing Wasp MobileAsset V7 Professional on a PC and using the mobile license on the HC1 mobile computer, the HC1 gives you the flexibility to scan and track assets away from your PC, allowing you to update assets records and perform transactions on-the-go.   

Why you should include The WPL3O5 Barcode Printer

For more effectiveness, especially with business assets, the Wasp MobileAsset V7 Professional with HC1 and WPL305 comes with a whole lot of advantage.  In its class of its own, The WPL305 features USB, serial and parallel connectivity. It is easy to install and operate and also cost effective way to print barcode labels of all types including shipping labels, stock labels, asset tags, medical labels, and location labels.  It is a barcode printer that can print direct thermal (semi-permanent) and thermal transfer (near permanent) barcode labels.

 WPL305 will allow for flexibility through its thermal transfer and direct thermal printing, easy to load media, and increased productivity and high throughput.

Features of Wasp MobileAsset V7 Professional with HC1 and WPL305

The combination of The WPL305 with an amazing thermal transfer and direct thermal printing feature, HC1 characterized by the integrated laser barcode scan engine and the Wasp MobileAsset V7 Professional that offers advanced asset management features in an easy-to-use-format, has a frenzy of features for its user’s benefits. 

Network ability, linking multiple assets to one parent asset, managing contracts and software license, managing assets at multiple companies, and receiving notification of scheduled maintenance and past-due items are all features of The MobileAsset V7 Professional with HC1 and WPL305.

Its Package list is made up of a Wasp MobileAsset  V7 Professional software, integrated Wasp Labeler barcode labeling software, 5 PC User License,  Wasp HC1 or DT60 mobile computer with integrated barcode scanner, USB communication cable, Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, power supply.

It has a complete kit that consists of 1 WPL305 desktop barcode printer, 1,380 silver polyester asset labels, WXR resin ribbon and pre-printed sample asset tags.  

Others include 8Mb SDRAM, 4 MB Flash memory with SD expansion slot, USB and parallel connectivity, and IP65 particulate and water sealant rating. 

This combination is ideal for furniture and operational non-inventory, IT assets such as laptops, PDAs, and servers, equipment, evidence, tools, vehicles, files and documents. 

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