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Farm Inventory Management Software

Wasp Inventory Control is your complete farm management software solution that will add value to your business by improving efficiency. Read More

Farm Machinery Tracking System

Wasp MobileAsset farm management software stores the transaction history of machinery and equipment, so you know where it has been, how many times it was used.Read More

Time & Attendance

Wasp Time and Attendance helps you to log time, manage your payrolls easier, and pay your employees the right salary. Read More

Free Consultation

We at TechnoSource Australia provide free consultation services for innovative solutions used in the agriculture industry. Like every other industry, agriculture has some of its unique challenges like ability to have full control over the stock and tracking of tools at all time. Considering time is the most valuable commodity in the agriculture business, employers and managers cannot possibly afford spending hours on finding misplaced equipments or forgetting to maintain the performance of their machinery.


Benefits of using these state-of-the-art solutions

Asset Tracking Software
Time and Attendance Software

Let’s take a closer look at the effects of using Time and Attendance system, Farm Inventory Management System and Farm Asset Tracking System on the overall profitability and business itself.

  • Wasp MobileAsset Farm Management Software is a must-have feature in the agriculture industry because it is almost impossible to manually keep an eye on a wide range of different tools from shovels to expensive machinery like tractors. By having full control over your assets and equipment, you can keep your farm work running smoothly and without worrying about the tools when you need them the most. Agriculture machines are used in a rugged environment in every season and that’s why it is important to do regular maintenance to prolong their life. Regular maintenance also reduces the maintenance cost significantly.
  • Wasp Inventory Control Farm Management Software allows you to keep a keen eye on the stock levels in every season and get comprehensive report s on your inventory whenever you want. The complete elimination of manual paperwork not only increases the overall performance of the workflow but also provides an error-free summary. Inventory and Stock Management System is all about the efficiency of the business as it improves the performance and reduces the time spent, not to mention the lack of human factor also eliminates all the human errors too.
  • Although Time and Attendance System is necessary for every organisation but considering overtime is a pretty common thing in the agriculture industry, it is essential to have accurate time tracking and attendance system to automate the payroll process and managerial reporting. 

Increase your profitability with the help of these innovative solutions

Employers and managers perfectly understand the importance of the right information accessible at the right time. Our highly customisable solutions for the agriculture industry, notify intended people about the items running low in stock or machines that need scheduled maintenance. Employers can control the flow of information and specify the roles of employees so only people with proper privileges can see that information.

These systems are a perfect combination of highly compatible software and hardware from reputed brands. These tracking systems are suitable to work in hostile environments like on a farm so you can use them effectively every time.

It is not a hard guess that the safety and condition of agriculture machinery like tractors and tools is business critical. If the machine you need today is not working properly because you forgot to get it serviced at the right time, then not only you have increased the business cost unnecessarily but you are also losing money with each passing minute.

Give our team of experts a call on 1300 300 344 and we’d discuss how our state-of-the-art agriculture industry solutions can make your work easier and increase your profitability. Alternatively, you may click here to book your free live demo.

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