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Cloud-Based Asset Tracking System

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Equipment Tracking
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IT Asset Management
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Easy User Interface
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Comprehensive Reporting

Wasp AssetCloud Asset management system

WASP AssetCloud is a cloud-based Asset Management system which can be accessed and used from anywhere in the world in order to effectively manage your assets. user no longer need to rely on traditional spreadsheets or any other form of manual process for asset management which can be both time-consuming as well as ineffective.

Users will have instant access to all of their asset information on their PC or even on their Android/IOS mobile device through the WASP AssetCloud app.

From tracking the location of fixed assets, to knowing which assets are due to be returned. From tracking asset related maintenance to efficiently checking out or checking in Assets. WASP AssetCloud will make Asset Management a breeze.

TechnoSource Australia is the authorised business partner and Asia-Pacific distributor for WASP Barcode Technologies USA.

Wasp Asset Cloud Software System Australia
Wasp Asset Cloud Software

Features and Benefits

WASP AssetCloud offers a wide range of benefits to its customers. Some of the key benefits include:

User Friendly Intuitive Design: The user-friendly design of the application allows any layman user to quickly learn and adopt to the application with minimal learning curves.

360-degree visibility of Assets: The system allows users to easily identify information such as the location of their assets, to whom it has been allocated, any assets which have not been returned, the condition of the assets as well as many other types of information.

Zero IT Infrastructure Costs: WASP AssetCloud is hosted on AWS servers, so this means that users do not have to invest money on hosting and maintaining the software within their own IT hardware Infrastructure which can have many other additional related costs as well.

Customise Your Application:Administrators can easily customise the field names within the WASP AssetCloud application screens, in order match the terminology or lingo which is used within their own specific industry. Users with some technical knowledge are also able to customise the system reports in order to include their own branding, or to change the overall look and feel of the reports as desired.

Automated Reports & Alerts: Receive Automated emails and notifications on asset movement, asset allocation, overdue assets, work orders and maintenance etc. Automated system reports can also be scheduled to be sent to specific stakeholders on a recurring basis at a set time period.

Mobility: The user-friendly Android and IOS applications will allow users to seamlessly manage their daily operation straight from their mobile device.

Features Available in WASP AssetCloud

Multiple Sites & Locations:Users are able to manage an unlimited number of sites and warehouse locations within the WASP AssetCloud system.

Asset Management:Check-in or check-out your assets to employees, vendors or customers effortlessly. Automatically receive alerts or notifications on assets which are due to be returned.

Multi Quantity Assets:Users can utilize the system to manage multi quantity assets such as tables, chairs etc. A Multi-Quantity Asset is an asset that is not unique across sites and locations and may have quantity associated with it.

Asset Tag Printing:Easily print barcoded Asset Tags for your assets directly from the WASP AssetCloud Asset Tracking application.

Contracts / Licenses: Manage all your contracts relating to Assets directly from WASP AssetCloud.

Audit Assets: User are able to easily audit the assets which are available within various locations using their Android or IOS mobile device.

Maintenance / Work Orders: The system allows users to perform maintenance work on their assets very easily. Users are able to create maintenance tasks as well as recurring work orders, assign those work orders to staff and also make the system send automated reminders to the staff who are responsible for maintaining those Assets & records costs as well.

Automated Reports: The system can be configured in order for users to automatically receive specific reports in PDF or Excel format which are generated by the system on a recurring basis.

Wasp Asset Tracking System is suitable for defence and security industry, small and mid-size businesses, mining industry, legal and accounting firms, healthcare industry, government and non-profit organizations and constructions industry. Let’s see how companies can benefit from Wasp Asset Tracking Software.

Wasp Asset Cloud Software & Hardware Pricing options

Wasp Asset Cloud Asset Tracking Software options are Cloud - Wasp hosted or OnPremise - Self hosted.

Cloud - AssetCloud Complete 1 user, or AssetCloud Complete 5 users / OnPremise - AssetCloud Basic 1 User, AssetCloud  Complete 5 users.

Each user can access application from browser and Android or ios mobile app.