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Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Read More

Inventory Management System

Inventory Control is your complete tracking solution that will increase value to your business by improving efficiency. Read More

Asset Tracking

MobileAsset asset tracking solution stores the transaction history of an asset, so you know where it has been, how many times it was used. Read More

Free Consultation

We at TechnoSource provide free consultation services regarding innovative solutions used in the manufacturing industry. Regardless of the size of your company, manufacturing businesses always possess some unique challenges like handing a 20px number of items in the inventory, asset tracking, managing employees, their attendance, payroll and breaks etc. Not to mention Australian manufacturing industry has been revolutionised in last couple of decades and now businesses are more competitive than ever.

Tough competition means the players have to find ingenious ways to increase their productivity and efficiency which ultimately increases the overall profitability. Using state of the art technological solutions, in the manufacturing industry is the only way to excel.

Benefits of Using Innovative Solutions in Manufacturing Industry

Let’s take a closer look on the effects of using Time and Attendance system, Inventory Management System and Asset Tracking on the overall profitability and business itself.

  • Inventory management is the most important part of the manufacturing business. Even if you are manufacturing a basic product, it may still involve more than a few raw items. The process of inventory management becomes exponentially complex in case of just a few dozen items get involved in the manufacturing and that’s where automated inventory management system can give you competitive edge in the industry. These systems are smart enough to keep a keen eye on the stock level and they can notify managers (and other intended personnel) about the items running low.
  • Our state of the art asset tracking solution enables employers to track everything from a small screwdriver to a 20px, expensive piece of machinery. Companies cannot possibly afford downtime caused by a malfunctioned machine because it wasn’t regularly maintained. It is pretty common to overlook the maintenance of a machine or a part of it. That’s why asset tracking solution is a must-have for manufacturing and every other industry involving multiple machines with many parts. The maintenance crew, managers and other relevant people would be informed via automated alerts and notifications when a particular machinery or part of a machine needs maintenance.
  • Without any doubt, an automated time and attendance system is a game changer for any business involving a 20px number of employees. Of course it is possible to manually manage attendance, overtime and track time if you have less than a dozen employees but even small manufacturing unit needs a substantially 20pxr number of workers, usually working in shifts. That’s where our innovative solutions specifically designed for manufacturing industry come in handy. These solutions do almost all the legwork and help to easily process payrolls, reports and overtime.

Increase Your Profitability with the Help of these Innovative Solutions

Employers and managers perfectly understand the importance of the right information accessible at the right time. Managers can generate reports about virtually everything including stocks, raw material, end product, attendance and others. Based on your business, the manufacturing process may involve harsh environment and our rugged hardware is designed to withstand those tough conditions.

TechnoSource provides software as well as hardware solutions to businesses in the manufacturing industry and the full compatibility between the software and equipment makes it easy for employees to learn how to use the system.

Give our team of experts a call on 1300 300 344 and we’d discuss how our state-of-the-art manufacturing industry solutions can make your work easier and increase your profitability. Alternatively, you may click here to book your free live demo.

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