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Complete Point of Sale and Back Office System which Includes Debtors, Creditors and Loyalty System. Read More

Inventory Management System

Inventory Control is your complete tracking solution that will increase value to your business by improving efficiency. Read More

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Wasp Time and Attendance helps you to log time, manage your payrolls easier, and pay your employees the right salary. Read More

Free Consultation

We at TechnoSource provide free consultation services regarding innovative solutions used in the warehouse operations. These days, businesses have started to prefer in-house warehouses to eliminate their business dependency on 3rd party warehouses. Unfortunately, warehouse management is a challenging task which shouldn’t be a surprise as an averagely sized warehouse may have thousands of different items. Our warehouse management solutions are designed to speed up the supply chain operations of warehouses.

Benefits of Using Innovative Solutions in Warehouses

Time and Attendance

Let’s take a closer look at the effects of using Inventory Management System, Stock take and Time and Attendance System on the overall profitability and business itself.

  • The purpose of using a warehouse management system is to reduce paperwork, manual legwork, streamline the workflow, increase efficiency and productivity. Inventory management is the most important part of a warehouse business and managers need to know the exact inventory all the time to satisfy their customers’ needs.
  • Adopting state of the art warehouse management solutions enables the sales team to make promises to their customers they know they can fulfil. Obviously it improves customer satisfaction rate and in the long run, it increases customer loyalty. Inventory control system notifies the managers about items running low or near expiry.
  • Stock take is one of the most challenging, time-consuming, frustrating and important parts of the warehouse business. We provide scalable warehouse industry stock take solutions which could be used in any warehouse regardless of its size. The true capabilities of a stock take system get revealed during the big rush that stores get several times a year.
  • The time and attendance system helps with easy management of employees’ attendance and payrolls, increase profitability and provide the business competitive edge in the industry. Meanwhile, it also reduces the number of unofficial breaks and wasted labour hours. Saving few man-minutes a day may not seem like a big deal but it can put a significantly large positive impact on the annual revenue.

Increase Your Profitability with the Help of these Innovative Solutions

“Information is power”. You can see this old saying in action in any warehouse. If the manager or sales team knows the exact quantity of every item they have, they can provide a much better business service to their clients than a sales team that works on wild guesses. With few clicks, employers can generate the comprehensive reports about their inventory and the supplies they need.

These reports also provide insights regarding the stock levels of a particular item and based on that information, managers can make critical business decisions to buy supplies beforehand to reduce the costs like overnight shipping. Warehouse managers can set alerts for the shipment of important items so they can prioritise those items upon arrival. With the implementation of these warehouse management solutions, chaos in a warehouse is a story of the past.

Considering software and hardware are both provided by TechnoSource, the 100% compatibility between both modules can make a huge difference in the performance and efficiency of the system.

Give our team of experts a call on 1300 300 344 and we’d discuss how our state-of-the-art warehouse industry solutions can make your work easier and increase your profitability. Alternatively, you may click here to book your free live demo.

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