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IT Asset Tracking Software

IT Asset Tracking Software

Signature Pads

Signature Pad allows you to store signatures digitally on various kind of documents. Various Free Plugins are available to connect with your application.Read More

IT Asset Tracking Software

Wasp MobileAsset IT asset tracking software stores the transaction history of an asset, so you know where it has been, how many times it was used. Read More

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We at TechnoSource provide free consultation services regarding innovative solutions used in the IT industry. Like every other industry, IT has some of its unique challenges like tracking tools and IT equipments all the time. Considering time is the most valuable commodity in the business, employers and managers cannot possibly afford spending hours on finding a missing unit or forgetting to maintain the performance of their equipment.

Benefits of using these innovative solutions for the IT Industry

IT Asset Tracking Software

Let’s take a closer look at the effects of using IT Asset Tracking Software on the overall profitability and business itself.

  • IT Asset Tracking software is a must-have tool in the IT industry because it is almost impossible to manually keep an eye on a wide range of different tools from a keyboard to expensive machines like Servers and routers. By having full control over your assets and equipments, you can keep your business running without worrying about where to find the equipment when you need them the most. Most of the IT equipments run all day, all year and it is important to do their regular maintenance to prolong their life. Regular maintenance also reduces the maintenance cost significantly.
  • The health of equipment is business critical in IT industry and companies cannot afford any downtime because as a result, they would lose business and customers. With automated asset tracking solution, you don’t have to wait for the problem to arise but instead, you can schedule regular maintenance of tools and prolong their life. Additionally, in any company, it is a frustrating job to track all the software licenses and those things have to be renewed regularly, otherwise, the business might face penalties.
  • IT Asset tracking software could be configured based on the organisational needs. Small, medium and sized companies use the IT asset tracking software solutions to increase their business productivity and reduce the number of expensive write-offs.

Increase Your Profitability with the Help of IT Asset Tracking Software

Employers and managers perfectly understand the importance of the right information accessible at the right time. Our solutions for the IT industry notify intended people about the equipment that need scheduled maintenance. Employers can control the flow of information and define the roles of employees so only people with proper privileges can see that information. Among other things, IT asset tracking software provides service and maintenance management features, custom reporting with more than 60 templates to suit your needs, contract and license management, automated auditing, procurement management, automated barcode management and others.

The digital signature pads make the process of getting authorisation easier for the staff and of course it gets dramatically easier to manage those signatures. By eliminating the paperwork, managers can increase their business productivity and reduce the annual budget. These digitally signed documents, added in the database, make it possible for the staff to find any required piece of information within few seconds instead of spending hours in the filing room.

Give our team of experts a call on 1300 300 344 and we’d discuss how our IT asset tracking software solution can make your work easier and increase your profitability. Alternatively, you may click here to book your free live demo.

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