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Cloud-Based Inventory System

Cloud Based Inventory Management Software System & Solution

Complete Control over the Stock
Make Tasks Easier
Reduced Human Error
Integrated Barcoding
Productivity and profitability

Wasp Inventory Cloud Control

Wasp InventoryCloud Warehouse Stock Management system is suitable for all small to medium size businesses, which manage inventory manually or on spread sheets. Implementing the Wasp warehouse inventory management system has a significant impact on these businesses in terms of productivity and efficiency. Being on cloud means that the inventory control system is available anytime, anywhere. 

With Wasp InventoryCloud WMS system, you can manage multiple sites, locations and make inventory tracking very easy. The Mobile app allows warehouse personnel to easily perform their day to day tasks, using an android or ios mobile device.

TechnoSource Australia is the authorised business partner and Asia-Pacific distributor for WASP Barcode Technologies USA.

Stock Control System
Wasp Industrial Label Printer with Mobile device
Wasp Inventory Cloud WMS System

Benefits of Using Warehouse Stock & Inventory Control Software System & Solution

An Inventory system is a very important part of any business which is managing stock. Whether you are a business owner, sales manager, sales team member or warehouse manager, you can always use an inventory tracking software in your favour.

Consolidate inventory across multiple sites

Ensure inventory numbers are accurate and up to date and you never run out of stock in any warehouse location.

Modernize pick order process:

Prepare pick orders for inventory items and ensure pickers pick the right order, right item and send it to the right customer every time.

Simplify order management process:

Unified platform allows organizations to manage all purchase and sales orders and view them across all sites.

Streamline Inventory Audits and cycle counts:

Periodic cycle count allows warehouse personnel to adjust inventory and reconcile it with up to date quantity. It also allows, the accounts department to view stock losses.

Trigger notifications for critical intelligence:

Wasp inventoryCloud warehouse management system allows users to receive pop-up alerts or email notifications for events such as low stock levels, expiring items, late orders, check-out items past due etc.

Customize for business terminology:

Each organization’s terminology or language use for a wms system is different and wasp allows an administrator to change the field names to their existing terminology so employees don’t have to interpret field names

Features of Wasp Inventory Cloud Warehouse Management System

Following are some of the features of the stock control system.

Mobility:Android or ios app allows a warehouse picker-packer to use mobile PDA scanner with wifi or 4G connectivity or they can use the browser application on any tablet or notebook computer.

Multi-site multi locations:Wasp InventoryCloud allows users to create multiple sites (warehouse) and multiple locations (item location)

Label Printing:Users can customize their item and shelf labels, and print using label printer. They can print the standard barcodes as well as the QR codes.

Stock Audit:User can do audit of their inventory using mobile a PDA scanner in cycle count and then reconcile the quantity.

Alerts and Notifications:Warehouse managers and other relevant employees receive automated notifications and alerts about expiring items, minimum and maximum stock levels and others.

Scheduled & Customized reporting:User can customize reports and its design and also schedule the running of reports which can be sent to other users or external person via email.

Uses of Warehouse Stock Control System

Wasp Inventory Cloud WMS system could be used but not limited to industries like food manufacturing, logistics, import-export business, distribution business, medical clinics, construction companies and mining companies. As these industries experience a large volume of inventory on a daily basis from multiple different vendors and suppliers, a stock control system can significantly reduce the workload and increase efficiency.

Inventory Control Software and System Pricing

Barcode Inventory Control Solution

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