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Real Time Warehouse Stock Control

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Reduced Human Error
Integrated Barcoding
Productivity and profitability

Inventory Control Software Made Easy

Inventory control system puts a significantly good impact on your business in terms of productivity and efficiency. Unfortunately, lots of small to mid-sized businesses waste an unbelievable amount of time and money looking for misplaced inventory – not to mention the loss of inventory itself. Inventory management systems can manage multiple locations and make inventory tracking easier. These systems are highly customizable, scalable and reliable even for large organizations.

Inventory Control Software
Stock Control Software

Benefits of Using Stock Control System

Today, stock control software and inventory management system have made everyone’s job easier – regardless of their role in the business. Whether you are business owner, sales manager, sales team member or warehouse manager, you can always use inventory tracking software in your favor. Let’s talk about these roles.

Business Owner

As a business owner, with a barcode inventory system, you don’t have to buy new equipment every now and then. It may sound small, but eliminating costly write-offs from your annual budget can impact your company significantly.

Sales Manager

As a sales manager, you definitely hate disappointing your clients and not fulfilling customers’ orders and expectations just due to a latency in inventory update. Stock control software allows you to confidently know the exact inventory at any time.

Sales Team Member

Warehouse stock control systems get rid of lengthy and time consuming paper work while doing day to day tasks like receiving and managing inventory. This way, sales team would be able to provide amazingly efficient and accurate services to your customers.

Warehouse Manager

Inventory tracking system comes with customizable notifications where all relevant members are notified about inventory status; what item is running low, what item is going to expire in the near future, what orders haven’t been shipped and others. This would avoid the chaos in the warehouse even in the peak season.

Features of Inventory Control Software

Following are some of the features of inventory management system.

Integrated Barcoding:Integrated barcoding feature makes it easier for businesses to design their own labels for shipping and inventory. This helps in tracking and keeping the records of every single item.

Mobility: Mobile devices allow employees to go to the inventory for scanning instead of bringing them to the main computer for entry.

Inventory Tracking: Employees can track every single item with the help of any of the search parameters like site, location, date, lot number, serial number etc.

Alerts and Notifications: Warehouse managers and other relevant employees receive automated notifications and alerts about expiring items, low inventory and others.

Vendor Management: Businesses can manage suppliers and vendors information with a unique code associated with every one of them.

Uses of Inventory Management System

Inventory control software could be used but not limited to industries like food manufacturing, logistics, import-export business, distribution business, medical clinics, construction companies and mining companies. As these industries experience a large volume of inventory on a daily basis from multiple different vendors and suppliers, inventory control systems can significantly reduce the workload and increase efficiency.

Inventory Software and System Pricing

Inventory management options range form complete barcode systems to just inventory software