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Medical Equipment Tracking Solution

Signature Pad

Signature Pad allows you to store signatures digitally on various kind of documents. Various Free Plugins are available to connect with your application.Read More

Hospital Inventory Management Software

Wasp Inventory Control is your complete inventory mangement software system that will increase value to your business by improving efficiency. Read More

Medical Equipment Tracking System

Wasp MobileAsset medical equipment tracking solution stores the transaction history of an equipment, so you know where it has been, how many times it was used. Read More

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We at TechnoSource provide free consultation services regarding innovative solutions used in the healthcare industry. Our state of the art solutions help hospitals and clinics manage their day to day activities and to be more productive. In the healthcare industry, it is utmost important to keep the stocks maintained all the time and manage inventory with zero margins of error so that life-saving items like medicines and equipments would be available when needed.

Similarly, the equipment used in the hospitals and clinics need to be working at their best all the time. Medical equipment tracking and inventory management software help maintenance crew and managers keep an eye on the health of the equipment and maintain their supplies all the time.

Benefits of using innovative barcoding solutions for Healthcare Industry

Medical Equipment Tracking Software
Time and Attendance

Let’s take a closer look at the effects of using Time and Attendance system, Inventory Management Software and Medical Equipment Tracking System on the overall efficiency and performance.

  • Inventory management software is designed to help managers maintain the inventory. Although this is an important job in every other industry out there but in the healthcare industry, it is a critical job as running out of a particular item could lead to a fatal situation. The inventory management software saves a lot of time as staff won’t be searching for the inventory but instead, they would be able to provide better and more efficient care to the patients.
  • Medical equipment tracking software can cover everything from a stethoscope to an expensive MRI machine. A normal size hospital could easily have hundreds of different machines and maintaining those machines on a regular basis is a complex job that involves keeping track of all the machines. Also, the maintenance staff has to note down the last time they serviced a machine and schedule the next service accordingly. As you can anticipate, this is a frustrating job if done manually and not to mention the margin of error is pretty high. Our medical equipment tracking solution automates the entire process and notifies intended people about the performance and scheduled maintenance of the machines.
  • The time and attendance system help managers, to easily process payroll and accurate record keeping of the attendance. In the healthcare industry, a large number of people work in shifts and our time and attendance system eliminates the discrepancies and increases productivity.

Increase Your Profitability with the Help of these Innovative Solutions

Employers and managers perfectly understand the importance of the right information accessible at the right time. Our solutions notify intended people about the items running low in the stocks or machines that need scheduled maintenance. Employers can control the flow of information and define the roles of employees so only people with proper privileges can see that information.

The hardware and software used in the healthcare industry solutions are perfectly compatible with each other and this compatibility makes it easier for the staff to learn the operations of both modules.

Give our team of experts a call on 1300 300 344 and we’d discuss how our state-of-the-art healthcare industry solutions can make your work easier and increase your profitability. Alternatively, you may click here to book your free live demo.

Hospital Inventory Management Software

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