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Real Time Warehouse Inventory Control Solution

Easily manage inventory
Accurate stock information
Increase productivity
Avoid costly mistakes
Accountability of staff

Inventory Control Software Made Easy

All business owners know the importance of maintaining accurate stock levels throughout the organisation. Not only does it simplify work processes and improve business efficiency, it also saves you a lot of money. According to a study by Corporate Detroit, 20% inventory reduction is possible with automated inventory control solutions. Warehouse wireless Inventory Control Software not only allows you to manage your inventory away from your office, it also updates transaction records and lets you perform transactions on the go. It gives you real time visibility of stock levels and locations, and increases your business productivity with the help of barcode technology.


Standard Inventory Software Features

  • Complete inventory control solutions for SME’s
  • Manage Single orMulti warehouseinventory
  • Track inventoryby :Serial, Expiry Date, Batch Number, Pallet id
  • Tracking of consignment stock
  • User based roles and security
  • Under / Over Stock Alerts and reports
  • Update data in Real time using Wireless Networks
  • Create Kits and Assemblies (BOM : Bill of Materials)
  • Create Suppliers Purchase orders and receive stock

Inventory Control: TopGolf - Video

TopGolf is a dynamic, entertainment facility that combines the basic elements of golf with cutting-edge technology to create an easy-to-play game for players of all experience levels. Guests play in private hitting bays that accommodate up to five people and include food and drink service or private event spaces for larger groups. TopGolf is open year-round and has four facilities throughout Illinois, Texas and Virginia.One warehouse is in charge of tracking all gaming parts, such as ball dispensers, targets, balls, mats and various technical pieces that keep games up and running at each TopGolf location.

Inventory Software and System Pricing